Friday, April 18, 2008

Members of OLSORE

Dick Cheyney - Diamond
Indiana "Harpo" Jones - Bri
Obama "Billie-Joe" Barrack - Chris Ann
Bush - Glenda
Hillary "Giddyup" Clinton - Jason

Village People:
Betsy - Brandi
Aunt Merl - Edlexis
Bobby - Tatyana
George Washington - Rema
Abraham Lincoln - Amber

The Rise of OLSORE

I betcha your wonderin how OLSORE started. Wells me and Harpo started talking retarded, and some people said it sounded like we were old ladies, and some said we sounded like we were from down south. So we put all that together and got Old Lady Southern Retardation. Then, our good buddy Billie-Joe started giving people nicknames, which is how I gots my name Dick Cheyney and Harpo got her name.


If you didn't already no OLSORE stands for Old Lady Southern Retardation. I don't like how us olsore folks is mistreated just cuz'm we is different. Imma have ta go git my shotgun and git dese olsore hatin folks. Lolz btw I is not crazii just OLSORE.